Build your own Custom Spirit Brand

Many Business and Entrepreneurs think about starting a distillery or building your own spirit brand?  At Wicked Dolphin Distillery we can help you start. We can produce the Spirit you dream to make. Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, and Vodka.

We can customize any Spirit to your specifications and have many suppliers that can offer you the best Flavors or fresh citrus to blend or infuse into your new brand.

Production of your own spirit can take two to three months to develop your Spirit.  If you are looking to design your labels, bottles, and formula this may take a bit longer.   Building your spirit is very interesting and rewarding you will be involved in each step.

With years of experience and more awards than most Distilleries in the U.S.A. Wicked Dolphin Distillery is the one that can give you the best tasting Spirit.

Contact us at to get started. 

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