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– September Newsletter –

🐬Wicked Dolphin is honored to be voted in the Top 10% of Attractions Worldwide on TripAdvisor!  How did we do that?  People like you, our Wicked Dolphin Family.🇺🇸 Family is the heart of Wicked Dolphin, which drives us to create the best hand-crafted rum around.🥃

🚨Our FREE distillery tours give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we craft our spirits and what it takes to make the cut to become an award-winning Wicked Dolphin Rum.🏅🍹 Want to find out more about Wicked Dolphin and our spirits?

👀Check us out online at www.wickeddolphin.com and sign up for a tour while you are there.  We also offer recipes online so you can enjoy your Wicked Dolphin at home.🏡🍹

Wicked Dolphin Wins Silver

10 Year Aged Rum

🥈🍹 Cheers to Excellence! Wicked Dolphin Wins Silver for 10-Year Aged Florida Craft Rum!🍹🐬

We are thrilled to announce that Wicked Dolphin has secured the Silver Medal in the prestigious New Orleans Spirits Competition, presented by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation! 🏆🌟 Our dedication to crafting exceptional spirits has been recognized once again, and we couldn’t be prouder of this achievement.

🥃 Taste the Elegance: Our 10-Year Aged Rum embodies the perfect blend of time, craftsmanship, and passion. With each sip, you’ll experience the rich flavors and complexities that set us apart. 🇺🇸🐬

Thank you to our incredible team for their hard work and commitment to excellence. And a heartfelt appreciation to all our supporters – you’re the reason we continue to raise the bar.🙏🏻

⚜️The New Orleans Spirits Competition is an international spirit judging bringing wider recognition to fine beverages and spirits from top-flight producers across the globe. Presented by the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, each spirit is tasted blind by a panel of industry experts, without identification, to ensure integrity and secrecy.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and limited releases as we continue our journey to provide you with the finest rum experiences!🐬🍹🥃

MORE Cocktail Recipes

You can WIN (2) two tickets on the Key West Express! (a $370 value) 😎

How to enter:

1. Take a picture of your favorite Wicked Dolphin bottle.

2. Post your picture and tag a friend that you want to take to Key West.

3. Be sure to tag #WickedKeyWestEscape #wickeddolpin #keywestexpress

4. Bonus entry if you attach a picture of where you got your Wicked Dolphin.

📲Add your picture to this post or message us directly to enter. Have fun, and be creative. Our Wicked Dolphin judges will announce the winner on Sept. 16th.🐬🍹🇺🇸 Share this post with a friend.

If you haven’t been to Key West before, then travel in style.🌴 Experience the fun and excitement of the Keys, and while you are there, ask for Wicked Dolphin! Good luck, and we can’t wait to see your pics!🤳🥃🌞

🚨By submitting your pictures to Wicked Dolphin, you give us the right to use the picture in future advertising and promotions. No purchase is required for entry. Must be 21 to enter. Tickets valid 09/01/2023 – 12/05/2023

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Employee Spotlight!

Master Distiller

Eric Robinson

🍹🌴 Wicked Dolphin has brought on Master Award Winning Distiller, Eric Robinson, with over 12 years of distilling for large distilleries creating Rum, Whiskey, and Bourbons.

🐬Owner/President JoAnn Elardo stated, “Bringing Eric to Wicked Dolphin will give us the ability to meet the demand for Wicked Dolphin throughout Florida, while being able to still give our customers a great Florida Award-Winning Rum, made right here using the best ingredients.” 🥃

Wicked Dolphin just finished bottling its collaboration with St. Petersburg-based Green Bench Brewery 🍺 and is preparing to bottle a very limited release of an agricole-style organic sugarcane juice rum. Robinson’s introduction to the distillery will most likely bring more fresh ideas and inspiration to the already successful Florida rum brand. 🇺🇸

September  Holidays

September 4th – Labor Day

🇺🇸 This Labor Day, we celebrate the spirit of hard work and the joys of a well-deserved break! 🎉 Whether you’re firing up the grill, hitting the beach, or simply unwinding at home, make it a day of relaxation and gratitude. 🌭🏖️ Cheers to the achievements of every hardworking individual out there! Happy Labor Day from all of us at Wicked Dolphin.

September 6th – National Coffee Ice Cream Day

Looking for the best way to celebrate this special day?  How about our Wicked Dolphin Cold Brew Coffee Rum?  It is such a versatile and incredible drink you can mix with anything, especially Ice Cream!  Try a little next time you make a fresh cup of coffee or when you mix it with your coffee ice cream.

September 11th – National Patriot Day

🇺🇸 On this solemn day, we remember and honor the heroes and the indomitable spirit of our nation. 🗽

Wicked Dolphin stands in solidarity with all those affected by the events of September 11, 2001. We pay tribute to the lives lost and the bravery shown in the face of tragedy.

Today, let us come together as a nation, showing kindness, unity, and resilience. May we find strength in our shared history and hope for a brighter future.🇺🇸

September 19th – National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy there, me hearties! ☠️🍹 It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day at Wicked Dolphin! Join us for a swashbucklin’ good time as we hoist the Jolly Roger and celebrate in true pirate fashion. 🏴‍☠️

🥃 Sail on in and enjoy a barrel of our finest WICKED DOLPHIN RUM, fit for even the saltiest of sea dogs. Raise yer tankard high and toast to adventure and good times. ☠️⚓

Don yer finest pirate attire, grab yer mates, and join us for a day of rum, revelry, and plenty of ‘arrrr’s! 🦜🌊

 September 28th – National Good Neighbor Day

Today is all about celebrating the wonderful neighbors who make our communities special. It’s a day to express gratitude for their kindness, lend a helping hand, or simply share a friendly smile over the fence.

At Wicked Dolphin, we believe in the power of good neighbors. Let’s make today about fostering connections, building relationships, and spreading positivity. Whether it’s a warm greeting, a small act of kindness, or simply being there when needed, let’s all strive to be good neighbors. Try inviting your neighbors over for a Wicked Dolphin Cocktail.  That always works for us!

So, take a moment to reach out to your neighbors today and let them know how much you appreciate them. After all, great communities are built on great neighbors!

Recipe Time!

Blueberry French Toast w/ White Chocolate Whipped Cream Cheese 

Here’s a delicious recipe to create your own Wicked Dolphin Blueberry French Toast:

Ingredients for Cream Cheese:

1/2 Cup White chocolate melted

1 TBSP Heavy cream

4 oz Cream Cheese

Melt the white chocolate, add the heavy cream and cream cheese.  Mix until smooth.  Set aside

Ingredients for Blueberry Topping:

2 Cups blueberries

1/2 Cup Wicked Dolphin Coconut Rum

5 Drops of coconut concentrate

1/2 Cup Coconut sugar

1 TBSP of cornstarch

1/2 Cup of water

1 TSP Lemon zest

Add the rum to a stock pot, turn the heat to medium, and reduce by half.  Add the blueberries and concentrate.  Mash 1/2 of the blueberries up.  In a bowl mix the water, sugar, and cornstarch and add to the pot.  Keep staring.  Once it thickens, remove from heat and stir in lemon zest.

Ingredients for French Toast:

1 Egg

1 Cup heavy cream

1 TSP Vanilla

1TBSP coconut sugar


1-2 TBSP of unsalted butter

In a bowl, mix all of the ingredients together.  Dip the bread into the mixture.  Add 1 TBSP butter to the skillet over med/low heat and brown each side of the French Toast.  Approx 3 minutes per side.  For serving, top with blueberry and serve with some of the white chocolate cream cheese mixture.  Enjoy!


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